10 Dangers of Diet Soda

Many people believe that drinking diet soda is healthier than consuming regular soda drinks. This is far from the truth.
Using artificial sweeteners instead of sugar may reduce the total calorie count, yet this doesn’t make them healthier. On the contrary. Artificial sweeteners are the biggest reason why diet soda can be much more harmful for your body than the regular one. Take a look at this list of 10 ways in which diet soda can ruin your health.

1. Kidney problems

Diet soda may be harmful to your kidneys. According to a Harvard University study which included over 3.000 women consuming diet soda, this beverage can double the risk of kidney decline. Having in mind that sugar sweetened sodas don’t tend to cause kidney problems, researchers propose that the cause might be in the artificial diet sweeteners.

2. Disturbed Metabolism

Diet soda can lead to many metabolic problems. A 2008 University of Minnesota study which included over 10.000 adult subjects found out that daily consumption of just one diet soda can increase the risk of metabolic syndrome by 34%. This results is increased belly fat and rise in the cholesterol levels.

3. Obesity

A study conducted at Purdue University suggest that artificial sweeteners found in diet soda can have adverse effects on the body’s capacity for regulating the calorie intake on the basis of sweetness of consumed food. Consuming diet soda may result in increased appetite and overeating, because your body has been tricked to believe that it consumes sugars, which in turn makes you crave for more food.

4. Hangovers

Mixing alcohol with diet soda speeds up the intoxication. The artificial sweeteners present in diet soda allow the alcohol to enter your bloodstream much faster, resulting with a huge hangover.

5. Bad Teeth

Diet soda are highly acidic, measuring 3.2 on the pH scale. As a result of their high acidity your teeth enamel dissolves easily. People who drink diet soda on regular basis tend to have greater decay, are missing more teeth and have more fillings.

6. Reproductive problems

The endocrine disruptor bisphenol A (BPA) which is present in all soda drinks makes them one of the worst enemies to your health. This dangerous substance can cause a range of health problems – starting with heart diseases and ending with reproductive problems.

7. Cell Damage

Unlike the regular soda drinks, diet soda also contains mold inhibitors. The sodium benzoate and potassium benzoate present in the inhibitors are known to damage the cell walls.

8. Bone Problems

Diet soda can cause bone loss. As a result of the phosphoric acid found in diet soda, your body excretes more calcium from your blood through urination, which results in bone damage.

9. Caffeinated

Caffeine is one of the substances found in diet soda. This highly addictive artificial stimulant hurts the liver, diminishing its power to keep your blood clean of toxins.

10. Neurotoxin

The artificial sweeteners used instead of sugar in diet soda include the Aspartame. This sugar substitute also acts as neurotoxin.

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