How to keep your estrogen levels under control


What causes high estrogen levels?


  1. Excessive body fat

Fat tissue contains the aromatase enzyme which is responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen, which means that the fatter you get, the more testosterone is converted into estrogen, which in turn makes you even fatter, and so on. This specific mechanism of fat chemistry represents a vicious self-reinforcing cycle and the only way to get out of it is to reduce body fat level and maintain a lean physique.


  1. Aging

The older you get, the more aromatase enzyme you release and the higher the estrogen levels become. This is why old men at the beach sometimes have breasts that are the same size if not bigger than their wifes’. Again, the age and estrogen correlation is not so simple. Considering that SHBG levels also increase with age and presumably binding up a certain amount of the increased estrogen, one would think that old people would have less estrogen. In a similar fashion, aging also reduces the amount of testosterone released, which would mean that there is less estrogen since there are fewer compounds to convert to estrogen.

All of these phenomena might partially explain why so many men who have cardiac condition have estrogen levels which are either too high or too low. In any case, for these people death can be a defibrillator away unless they take care of their estrogen problem.


  1. “Broken” hormonal feedback mechanisms

When the estrogen levels are too high, an alarm is sent to the testicles via the pituitary gland to temporarily stop the production of testosterone. However, if estrogen levels are consistently high, this can “short-circuit” the feedback mechanism, sending a wrong signal to the testicles to completely halt testosterone production which in the long-term can have serious consequences to a man’s health. Stopping the testosterone production can cause even higher estrogen levels.


  1. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)

Today, millions of men are using testosterone replacement therapy to revitalize their life and restore their failing libidos. However, lots of doctors have failed to do their homework. The injection of too much testosterone overall or more specifically injecting too much of it in overweight men, can have the opposite effect. It can cause the excess amount of testosterone to be converted into estrogen. These elevated testosterone levels can be fixed by either adjusting the dose or by taking an anti-aromatase.


  1. Cytochrome P450 enzyme system impairment

The P450 enzyme system is in charge of dealing with the toxins we voluntarily or involuntarily consume. Put differently, the majority of chemicals, drugs or supplement we ingest are processed and them eliminated by this system. It is like a chemical recycling factory where toxins are broken up, re-packaged and either used again or flushed away.

This system also eliminates the excess estrogen from your body. However, there are certain things which can impair its proper functioning. Drinking too much alcohol may pose a problem, as might being overweight or being deficient in zinc. You may also be consuming foods or taking supplements or drugs which impede the system’s efficiency like ginkgo biloba or grapefruit juice.


  1. Xenoestrogens

Xenoestrogens are a specific type of compounds in the environment which mimic estrogen. These compounds, which are mainly heavy metals, industrial chemicals like phthalates or synthetic chemicals like DDT and DES, are growing in number and are accumulating in more tissue with each passing year.

They are commonly found in foods, fire retardants, adhesives, detergents, perfumes, drinking water, waxes, lubricants, household cleaning products or practically everywhere. Even though the exact damage incurred by these compounds is still not precisely known, we’ve seen widespread reports of all kinds of biological anomalies in both humans and animals in recent decades in the form of mutations, decreased fertility, indeterminate s*x organs etc.

A study that was done in 1992 by a team of reproductive specialists from Denmark, concluded that the sperm counts in the developed countries had dropped 50% since 1938. This means that you are literally half the man your granddad was. What’s more, there is a mountain of evidence suggesting that these compound are a part of us all. Scientists found that around 75% of the samples taken from 500 adults had significant levels of all kinds of industrial xenoestrogens, while 98% of samples had DHT and its various derivatives. And to make matters even more scary, different xenoestrogens seem to act in synergy which makes their combined effect magnified.


  1. Phytoestrogens

Phytoestrogens are found in plants, unlike xenoestrogens which are man-made. Xenoestrogens are stored in the adipose (fat) tissue, while phytoestrogens are metabolized and excreted from the body relatively fast. Considering this, they do not pose the same problem that xenoestrogens do. In any case, you wouldn’t want too many of them around since their molecular structure is very similar to estrogen’s and can have a similar negative effect on your body. They are also found in various foods, most commonly in soy and soy protein.


  1. Alcohol and marijuana

You read that right, recreational drugs can cause increased estrogen levels.


What are the main causes of low estrogen?

When you think about there aren’t that many things which cause low estrogen in men. One of them is old age, with the accompanying low testosterone and elevated SHBG levels. One can remedy this by simply starting a lifelong testosterone replacement therapy.  Another cause for men having low testosterone levels is the overuse of anti-aromatases or various estrogen-blocker drugs.

These drugs are usually prescribed by doctors who either want to prevent testosterone from being transformed into estrogen which is done by anti-aromatases or prevents estrogen from binding to receptors on the cell or inside of it which is done by estrogen blockers. It is also quite possible that a man with low estrogen levels may already have some condition which is yet to be diagnosed, with low estrogen levels being one of its many symptoms.


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