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How to Increase Growth Hormone Production For Muscle and Nerve Cell Repair

2. Customize your diet

On the other hand, quite the opposite way from fasting is the idea that one can also add specific foods to their diet which will encourage the body’s natural HGH production. The food that we eat is fuel, or an energy source. That’s why you need to make some strategic dietary choices which will increase the amount of HGH your body produces.

Eliminate the sugar you usually consume

First thing you need to do, is drastically reduce your sugar intake. High sugar intake means high insulin secretion, and high insulin secretion mean less HGH production. Processed sugar elevates insulin levels more than anything else, so the less you consume it, the more your body can produce and release HGH.

High sugar consumption is also linked to the development of Type 2 diabetes, which in turn is directly linked to peripheral neuropathy. Long story short, having constantly-elevated insulin levels in the bloodstream is extremely damaging to nerve endings, eventually causing them to die off.

Supplement with arginine

Another effective way to naturally increase the body’s HGH levels is by supplementing with arginine. It’s interesting to know that studies have shown that arginine is best taken before bedtime, as the body doesn’t tend to produce much HGH when arginine is taken during exercise.

Avoid eating before going to bed, especially carbohydrates

The reason for this is because of the aforementioned insulin spikes. The body tends to produce the greatest amount of HGH while it’s asleep, so if you can decrease the likelihood of having elevated insulin levels in your bloodstream before bedtime, you’re setting up an optimal environment for increased HGH production during sleep.

Some other helpful supplements

There are several other natural compounds which have also been proven to cause your body to increase its human growth hormone production. So the next time you go to a health food store check out the vitamins aisle and see if you could find any of these: glutamine, creatine, ornithine, L-Dopa and glycine.

Before taking any supplements, you should first consult with your doctor about any potential incompatibilities with any medications you might currently be taking. Also, you should take them as directed.

3. GABA supplementation

GABA is a type of neurotransmitter, and it is sometimes referred to as a “non-protein amino acid”, and as such it is integral to the proper functioning of the nerves. Gabapentin medications, such as Neurontin, are basically “shutting down” the production of GABA in the body.

When produced in normal amounts, GABA is an extremely potent calming compound for both the brain and the entire nervous system, and it also helps you get a quality sleep at night. Research has shown that it can help with increasing HGH production levels, so supplementing with GABA increases HGH levels by a whooping 400% when resting. It percentage drops down to 200% when exercising, but it’s still impressive nonetheless.

Supplementing with GABA or its precursors to help increase HGH production may ultimately help the nerves heal a lot faster. However, if you’re currently taking a gabapentin medication, then a GABA supplement will neutralize the effect of the drug.

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