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How to Increase Growth Hormone Production For Muscle and Nerve Cell Repair

4. Regular Exercise

Exercise is one of the fundamental ways to increase the levels of human growth hormone inside your body, and it does through in several different mechanisms. When you’re exercising, the body produces a substance called lactic acid, which helps it produce HGH. It also reduces body fat, which in turn also triggers higher HGH production.

Regular exercise is crucial for improving and maintaining your health, and provided that you do it with care and caution and don’t put yourself at a potential risk of injury, it will bring you immense benefits. One of the more efficient methods to increase HGH production levels is with a high-intensity workout, however this can be potentially detrimental or even impossible if you’re already experiencing all the symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy.

There are several exercises which can be considered safe for people suffering from peripheral neuropathy, so before trying them, you need to assess you ability to perform them safely. For those who are looking for a bit more recreational type of exercise, there are also many options available which will increase your heart rate and healing circulation, while at the same time reduce inflammation and relieve stress and tension.

The list includes: walking, swimming, rowing, yoga, or just household work. The last one isn’t a joke. Anything that could get the blood pumping and get you breathing faster can be considered exercise and be beneficial. You could start exercising for at least 20 minutes per workout session, 3 to 5 times a week. You shouldn’t feel obliged to do everything right the first few workout sessions. Try to ease yourself into it and work it gradually into your schedule and lifestyle. The most important thing is that you’re giving your body a much needed physical activity.

As already mentioned, if you find yourself unable to do a full-intensity workout just yet, it’s enough to just get started and slowly progress over time towards your desired goals. For any beginner, it’s always best that they start with a whole-body program to strengthen their muscles and improve their overall balance, which will in turn create an optimal environment in their body for increased HGH production.

5. Get quality sleep

It has already been mentioned numerous times that HGH is mainly produced by the body while we’re sleeping, so it’s safe to say that ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep is one of the most effective ways to increase HGH production.

If you’re one of those people suffering from insomnia or often have trouble falling asleep, chances are you’ve already heard or read about many suggestions (or medications), but the reality is that many of them are not that easy nor effective. However, considering how important sleep is for your body’s healing ability, introducing some small tweaks to your nightly routine can make a world of difference.

For example, you should avoid staring at an electronic device such as cell phones, TV screens, laptops, too close to bedtime. The reason for this is the “blue light” emitted from them which tricks your brain into believing it’s still daytime, and suppressing the release of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin.

Try reading a book before you go to bed. It will calm you down and make you drowsy, and before you know it you’ll be asleep. And if you do wake up again in the middle of the night, you won’t be tempted to turn on your phone or laptop again, instead you’ll have your book right beside you to draw you in and soothe you back to sleep.

In your bedroom, you should always maintain a comfortable, sleep-conducive temperature, especially if it tends to get too warm. You would be surprised at how much an inadequate temperature can mess with your sleep cycle. Avoid drinking caffeine-filled beverages too close to bedtime. Also, get yourself a melatonin supplement, not only will this help you with your sleep, it will also aid in natural HGH production.

Human growth hormone. The guardian of your health

This may be a strange way of looking at your body, but in many aspects it can be considered as a toolbox. It’s filled with potent, miraculous compounds and chemicals, each of them designed in a way that will enable them to perform a very specific set of tasks and to do them optimally.

There are times though when the body will need a little help from you. Especially when it’s fighting something as painful and intense as peripheral neuropathy. All the damage being done to the nerves is being triggered by something, and whatever that is, it’s certainly not friendly nor beneficial.

The body’s natural defense mechanisms can only do so much, which makes it even more important that when such painful and serious illnesses arise, we help our body’s defenses and “call in the reinforcements”. Peripheral neuropathy in one such illness, but it’s not the only condition where HGH can come to the rescue and save the day.

Since it’s your own natural “growth” hormone it plays a crucial role in such things as cell regeneration, muscle development and many other processes which are essential to the overall healing and injury recovery process. In other words, your body needs HGH so that it can put itself in one piece again.

This powerful, albeit somewhat limited self-healing ability that we all have is thanks in part to HGH. The more HGH we produce, the healthier and stronger our bodies will be. Especially, under the attack of such a vicious condition such as peripheral neuropathy.

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