The Top 10 Reasons To Lift Weights


8.   Improved resistance to injury.

Muscle injuries (pulls, strains and tears) are usually the result of overexertion – asking your body to do more than it is able. Most muscle-related injuries occur not in the gym but while carrying out normal daily activities such as DIY or gardening. Regular strength training can reduce your chances of suffering such an unfortunate incident and go a long way in injury-proofing your body.

9.   Increased anabolic hormone secretion.

Its okay – you aren’t going to suddenly look like you are on s******s but as we age, anabolic (tissue growing) hormone levels tend to decline and this is one of the reasons we lose muscle and get weaker with age. Lifting weights increase both testosterone levels and growth hormone levels which, in very simple terms, help to keep you looking and feeling younger for longer!

10.    Improved insulin sensitivity.

After eating carbohydrates, your blood glucose levels rise. Sustained elevation of blood glucose, called hyperglycemia, is linked to everything from diabetes to aging to cancer. Regular strength training increases your sensitivity to insulin which is the hormone responsible for shunting glucose out of your blood and into your cells. This increase in insulin sensitivity lasts 24-48 hours after strength training so is a vital part in helping to maintain steady blood glucose levels and reduce your chances of suffering from hyperglycemia and its complications.

So – ten GREAT reasons to spend a bit less time doing cardio and a bit more time lifting weights. Not sure where to start? Try one of our routines in the workout section.


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