21 Secrets Girls Who Squat Heavy Won’t Tell You, #19 too true!

We sure know how bros that lift feel and how lifting increases their confidence. But what about girl lifters. Here is a a funny little article about the 21 things that female lifters are secretly not telling you.

1. We take “OMG your thighs have gotten so big!” as a compliment.

female_lifters1Just call me Quadzilla !

2. We are heavier before we started lifting, but we look slimmer.




3. And we actually get excited to see the number on the scale go up.



Mad gains, bro!


4. But to be honest we’re not sure what we weigh any more, cos then we threw away our scales.



When you start training for strength, you stop obsessing over weight – unless it comes in iron plate form.


5. We look hot in skinny jeans, but getting our thighs into them is a struggle.




6. We eat more than ever.



Those muscles aren’t going to feed themselves, ya know.

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