Why Lifting Won’t Make Women Bulky or Muscular

There are these huge misconceptions and false notions that’s been plaguing the fitness world for so many years, which says that lifting weights makes women bulky and unattractive.

Women have become victims to this notion too, and trying to talk them into taking up weightlifting in order to improve their physique has proven to be an uphill battle. You have got to first “de-program” all the false things they’ve been led to believe by fitness magazines and “personal trainers”.

These very trainers are the ones who will advise women to hop onto the cardio machines once they set foot into the gym, and only use light weights to “tone up” lest they become huge monstrosities. The most dangerous thing is that this faulty mindset is spreading quickly like a disease amongst people, with loads of women suddenly giving advice to their girlfriends because the “expert” at the gym told them so.

It’s not the point of this article to demonize personal trainers or gym instructors or practically anyone else who instructs women that they shouldn’t lift weights, it’s simply trying to get certain lifting points across that might convince them to give it a try. Take for example, female swimmers or sprinters. They all have very athletic and defined bodies.

What many women fail to take into consideration is that these athletes’ training regimens have lots of hours spent lifting relatively heavy weights in relation to their own bodyweight, using low rep ranges, like many powerlifters do. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should train exactly like an Olympian or a professional athlete would, but it wouldn’t hurt you if incorporated a similar type of training.

Resistance training helps women burn more calories a lot faster throughout the day, improve their hormonal balance in a way that optimizes fat loss and it helps them maintain their overall lean muscle mass which in turn helps them burn more calories. So, it’s a self-reinforcing process. Did you ever see some woman on a crash diet and who has done lots of cardio exercises lose much weight?

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She might have become a lot slimmer, but without curves, tone or shape of any kind. That’s not exactly the ideal physique women aspire to, which leaves a lot of them utterly disappointed.

Since women are primarily concerned about losing weight than building muscle, being knowledgeable about nutrition is something that is essential and it is something they are sadly lacking. That’s because of the garbage and lies sold to them by the fitness industry, like going on low-calorie diets.

In order to lift weights you need to consume a certain number of calories which is actually good because your diet becomes effective and enjoyable at the same time. Resistance training is also better than cardio in that it is not so time-consuming. Often you would need just a half an hour to get your weightlifting session done.

Ladies, whatever someone had you believe, you should not take it at face value, and do some research. We encourage you to start lifting weights and you won’t be sorry. Start with 3 days a week resistance training of any kind and experience for yourself how you will feel in a month from now.

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