A Super Easy (3 Ingredient) Diet-Friendly Treat: High Protein Ice Cream

Ice cream is everyone’s favorite dessert. But we know it has a lot of calories and is low on protein, which mostly makes it a cheat meal for those taking care of their diet and leading a fit lifestyle.

But is there a way to make it suitable for fitness enthusiasts and not just a guilty pleasure. Yes, there is. In this article, we present you a healthy ice cream recipe high in protein which will help you fight off food cravings and makes it easy to incorporate into any nutrition plan.

As we previously said, there are some facts that are shared by all people, one of them being that almost everyone likes dessert. It’s something that’s inevitable.

There are taste buds on your tongue and this fact makes particular foods much more satisfying and enjoyable, lest we exempt the people who have no sense of taste! But, that’s a whole other topic.

The fact is everyone likes dessert, regardless of it being a piece of chocolate, candy or a cookie.

The issue with the majority of desserts is that they aren’t the healthiest foods around. They contain practically all of the ingredients you’ve been advised to avoid, like fat and lots of sugar, if you don’t want to get fat.

Even though nutritionists are advising people to use desserts in the form of cheat meals a coping mechanism while on a certain diet, eating them in excess is almost always unhealthy and can create lots of issues.

In the very least, overeating can seriously derail your weight loss goals and from building your ideal physique.

What you can eventually do is to stop eating sweets and desserts and go mad from the cravings you’ll experience along the way.

You can also say “I could care less about my shape and midsection” and say goodbye to your abs. Or you can read further to see how you can create a healthy dessert (and very good tasting for that matter).

The best thing of it all is that nutritional breakdown will astound you and you’ll be able to easily incorporate it into any nutrition regimen. Protein ice cream consists of whey powder, almond milk, and almond butter. Nothing else.

It’s not that you wouldn’t find any other healthy ice cream recipes on the net, it’s just that this variation provides you a mix of health and deliciousness and you can tweak the recipe whatever you like.

We are pretty sure you will like it so much, it will become a substitute food for whenever you are feeling junk food cravings or you are trying to get a snack in.

You can also eat it when you get that awful feeling of hunger during the night. So, there you get it, the perfect snack. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth and can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to desserts.

The recipe has been tried by lots of people and its effectiveness has been proven many times.

This is especially true when you are just starting with a new and healthier diet during which it can get pretty hard to resist the cravings at least until you adjust.

It is a perfect way to spice up your diet and help you transitioning to the new one.

Finally, we present to you how you can make this awesome “snack” yourself:

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The ultimate protein ice cream

The amount of the ingredients will vary based on how much calories you plan on consuming.

  • 30-60g of whey protein powder. Only use powders that have 75% or above content of protein. It’s entirely up to you which brand you choose. You can use vanilla or chocolate depending on your taste
  • One to two large spoons of almond butter. Again choose whichever brand you prefer.
  • 30-90ml of almond milk.


Put the almond butter in a bowl. Then add the whey protein. Slowly add the the almond milk and start whisking you get a thick creamy texture.

Actually, you can start eating it at this point if you like. You’ve made a protein pudding. If not, you can put in a freezer for half an hour to an hour and it will get the ice-cream “look”.

Some extra tips:

You can choose to top the protein ice cream with garnishes of your choosing. Our suggestions are adding pieces of sliced banana or some cocoa powder, even add some minced nuts if you want to make it a bit more crunchy. I

f you want to add some extra calories, feel free to add some whipped cream. We guarantee you, you will be amazed by the taste.

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