A Super Easy (3 Ingredient) Diet-Friendly Treat: High Protein Ice Cream

The ultimate protein ice cream

The amount of the ingredients will vary based on how much calories you plan on consuming.

  • 30-60g of whey protein powder. Only use powders that have 75% or above content of protein. It’s entirely up to you which brand you choose. You can use vanilla or chocolate depending on your taste
  • One to two large spoons of almond butter. Again choose whichever brand you prefer.
  • 30-90ml of almond milk.


Put the almond butter in a bowl. Then add the whey protein. Slowly add the the almond milk and start whisking you get a thick creamy texture. Actually, you can start eating it at this point if you like. You’ve made a protein pudding. If not, you can put in a freezer for half an hour to an hour and it will get the ice-cream “look”.

Some extra tips:

You can choose to top the protein ice cream with garnishes of your choosing. Our suggestions are adding pieces of sliced banana or some cocoa powder, even add some minced nuts if you want to make it a bit more crunchy. If you want to add some extra calories, feel free to add some whipped cream. We guarantee you, you will be amazed by the taste.

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