10 Facts You Didn’t Know About “The King of Instagram” Dan Bilzerian

38 year old Dan Bilzerian, a.k.a. the “King of Instagram,” isn’t just “famous” and “well-known”, but he’s filthy rich and has a crazy lifestyle as well. And unlike some other rich guys, Dan is more than happy to put his life on display for the public to see. Although you can follow his life and the crazy s**t he does on Instagram, there are a few facts you probably didn’t know about Bilzerian, that will make you drop your jaw.

10. Dan said he was ready for a real MMA fight


Although there was a joke on the Internet about Dan Bilzerian’s legs that went crazy viral, he is actually very fit and does MMA as well.


“I’d like to do a fight. I need to do a real camp. I don’t want to go in there and half [expletive] it. Right now, I’ve been taking some time off from the partying and the crazy [expletive], so it wouldn’t be bad.”


9. He was discharged from the Navy Seals just before his graduation


Bilzerian joined the Seals and had spent 510 days of gruelling Navy Seal training and scored 94/99 in his military exam. However, he got into an argument with his commanding officer and called him a pu**y. That kind of behavior is obviously not tolerated in the Seals, so he was discharged just before his graduation.

He then became a student at the University of Florida where he majored in Business and Criminology.


8. Dan worked as an actor and a stuntman as well


He worked as a stuntman for Gerard Butler on “Olympus Has Fallen”, and also appeared in the film “The Equalizer” with Denzel Washington, as well as the film “The Other Woman”.


7. Dan is a world poker champion


Bilzerian is heavily involved in the world of high-stakes poker. It’s a realm in which he’s done quite well for himself, and those are his own words. He claims that he won $50 million dollars playing the game in 2014 alone. Many people believe that his claims are exaggerated though.


6. He was asked to pay back his winnings because of a poker fraud

There’s at least some evidence to show that Bilzerian was indirectly involved in a Ponzi scheme set up by Bradley Ruderman in 2009. Two years later, when Ruderman was jailed for running illegal gaming operations, Bilzerian was one of several competitors asked to pay back his winnings in full.


5. Bilzerian is Armenian

Weather he likes it or not, he is related to the Kardashians. Not as a relative but through his descent.  In an odd and surprising twist of fate, it turns out that both the Kardashians and the Bilzerians are of Armenian descent. Much like the Kardashians, his family was also impacted by the tragic and devastating horrors of the Armenian genocide.

4. He had 2 heart attacks


Dan survived 2 heart attacks before the age of 30 and it’s no surprise that he lives his life to the fullest and seizes every moment. After 5 days of partying sleep deprivation, cocaine and Viagra consumption, Dan had a heart attack. He had his second heart attack just 12 hours after the first one in the hospital. Luckily, he survived and after a couple of weeks of recovery he was back to his old self.


3. His father is a convicted criminal

Paul Alec Bilzerian was once a celebrated corporate takeover specialist–until he was arrested, and convicted for securities fraud in the mid-80s. He was also largely absent from his son’s formative years, infamously jetting back from a life spent largely abroad to sue Dan’s Little League team for slander over a $5,000 donation. When Dan was 10, Paul broke the news to his son that he was being sent to jail.

2. Dan loves cats


Although he presents an image of toughness and masculinity, Dan does have a soft side, too. He owns a few pets, but his favorite ones are two cats that travel with him everywhere he goes. One of the cats even has it’s own instagram profile.


1. He was arrested in his senior year


Bilzerian was arrested in his senior year for having a machine gun in his car on school property. Always for the love of the guns, isn’t it Dan? He owns close to a 100 guns and has a loaded gun on display in every room of his mansion in Hollywood Hills.

Rivers of money, sizzling hot women, once in a lifetime parties, gold-plated guns, fast Italian racing cars that would leave any man drooling over the pavement are what surrounds the bearded Dan. No wonder why he’s Instagram’s “Most Interesting Man”.

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