The Internet Won’t Stop Making Fun of Dan Bilzerian’s Tiny Little Legs

It can be really hard to make fun of a guy who’s incredibly wealthy, enjoying every luxurious pleasure life has to offer and maintaining the status of a superstar on social media.

His 8 million followers have dubbed him “The king of instagram”. Of course that we’re talking about Dan Bilzerian, the 37 year old professional poker player who became the hottest social media personality overnight. He’s the type of guy you enjoy hating more than anyone else – he’s constantly flaunting his expensive possessions (including gorgeous topless women) and bragging about his outrageous adventures all over the social media, making you drool over the excessive lifestyle you’ll never get to have. Oh, and he can grow a beard like a real man.

Anyway, vanity is the most dangerous drug of them all, they say, and it seems that a lot of people secretly crave to find some terrible hole in this kind of larger-than-life public personalities.

Why do we say this?

Well, the King’s fans quickly turned against him when they saw a picture of his tiny, chicken legs that are totally disproportionate to his decently developed upper body. This is a guy who takes excessive pride in his own ripped appearance, so how could he skip so many leg days? Doesn’t he have the money to pay the best personal coaches to help him achieve a mind-blowing, symmetrical physique? Rhetorical questions, really. He simply doesn’t give a f**k.

Here’s the picture that started it all:


And he sure as hell had an adequate response to all the hate:

But people just wouldn’t let it go. What has been seen cannot be unseen. Bilzerian’s skinny legs became the hottest topic on all celebrity gossip sites and attracted thousands of negative comments on social media. He could really use some leg training, after all. Maybe only some decent calf work. But Dan doesn’t seem to get very upset about the leg scandal – any publicity is good publicity. He continues to party at the world’s most amazing beaches, surrounded by an entourage of the most desirable and largely uninhibited women, not giving a damn about any petty personal attacks. No signs of leg growth yet, also – haters gonna hate and Dan Bilzerian is gonna do his thing on his own way, just because he can and no matter how ridiculous he looks. And who could blame him?

Though, those legs are really painful to look at.


So take a lesson from Dan’s physique, and remember to never skip leg day!

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