The Worst Synthol Abusers on the Planet

To call these guys a freak show is an insult to the real freaks of nature. The truth is, these grotesquely pumped up fellows are product of their own stupidity and misuse of site enhancing oils. They could not care about tone, definition, symmetry and strength.


The only thing they care about is the size of their biceps. And although we must admit that their size is impressive, we could not say the same about the way they look. They look just plainly weird.


These grossly bloated muscles are a result of the use of site enhancing oils, which popularity, for some inexplicable reason, seems to have taken off again. The site enhancing oils made their first appearance some 25 years ago. Today these products are freely available on the net. The most popular brand is the Synthol, which is also known as Pump-N-Pose.


They can be found with other brand names as Syntherol, EsikClean, Nuclear Nutrition Site Oil, Cosmostan and Liquid Muscle, Although their use is completely legal, no man in the right mind would recommend it. If you need a reason why not to use them, just take a look at our gallery.


The world of competitive bodybuilding looks at them in disapproval because in smaller doses they can be easily used for making subtle changes of underdeveloped muscles. These interventions can often remain undetected.


However, if used copiously they can result in a freak show as seen in this article.

The site enhancing oils work by injecting them directly into the muscle you want to enlarge. There they stretch the muscle connective tissue. About 70 percent of the injected oil remains in the muscle. The body absorbs the remaining 30% percents in a form of lipids. Theoretically, as the oils break down during the next several months, the space they leave behind should be replaced with new muscle cells. Of course, this growth is unnatural, and does little for the strength of the users. Although people using site enhancing oils have huge muscles, their strength is far below par.


And just like all other injectable substances which are not administered by a doctor, their use is highly risky, not to mention addictive. However, more and more Synthol users seem to pop up on the internet every day. It makes you wonder why are they doing that to themselves.

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