How Hugh Jackman Got Shredded for the Wolverine Movies

Quitting a longtime job is often a complicated process, but giving up an iconic role that you have spent almost two decades of your life inhabiting is something else altogether.

After 17 years and 1,000s of hours in the gym, after Logan, Jackman gracefully left the role that defined a generation of X-Men.

In the build up to the film Hugh Jackman underwent the usual strict regime of weightlifting and calorie counting, but there is also one specific method that he used to get that shredded looks.

Hugh Jackman Water Diet Method

Hugh Jackman would up his water intake to 3 gallons a day several days before the shooting, and then during the final 36 hours he would cut water intake entirely and dehydrate.



Although this is an extreme method to drop water (bodybuilders often use it before contest), it worked in Jackman’s favor.

The dehydration part is the cherry on the cake after a few month strict dieting and weightlifting workouts.

This is what he says:

“It finishes with dehydration. Don’t do this at home; you increase the water intake to about 10 litres (3 gallons) of water a day, and then you stop about 36 hours before you shoot.

But because you’ve drunk so much water, you’re peeing all the time, and then you have nothing.

Then, you lose about 10 lbs of water weight,”

To get shredded, Hugh Jackman followed the technique of Intermittent Fasting (IF), under which, an individual has to starve for 16 hours daily and eat during an 8 hour eating window.

On top of that Jackman survived on a diet consisting of boiled chicken, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Hue enlisted the help of personal trainer Mike Ryan to get into shape and on a typical day, Ryan revealed that he would get protein from natural, unprocessed sources, drink mainly water ad avoid all processed foods.



In a previous interview, he said:

“We were using protein powder regularly. I made sure Hugh got plenty of amino acids before training and immediately after, and then he would have a slow-acting protein at night, such as cottage cheese.”

The 48-year-old actor, who has played the Marvel character for the last 17 years, admitted his spouse Deborra-Lee Furness is pleased he won’t be taking as much care of his body now his stint in the franchise is coming to an end because his “job” is not to look better than her.



“Now I’m eating and loving it. Sometimes waking up at two in the morning just to have breakfast cereal, and then go back to bed.

With it still in my lap,” he says on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.


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