6 Reasons To Date a Girl That Lifts, Everyone Will Agree With #5

#1 – A girl who lifts – understands

You’ll never get the usual “all you ever care about is the gym” or “you go to the gym too much” and she’ll sure as help never make you pick! Instead you’ll get support, someone that wants you to get them extra reps or smash that PR!

You’ll connect on a level you never could with a girl that doesn’t lift…


#2 – Cheat meals together

Lets be honest, waiting ‘til the weekend and binge eating your weight in sweets and junk food is so much more fun when you’ve got someone to do it with!

You can prep your clean meals together and eat well through the week but go mad together on your cheat days!




#3 – Cool gym Instagram posts together

Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen them fitness couples on facebook and instagram, doing their synchronised ab workouts or harmonious pullups etc.

And even though we may not show it, there’s definitely always a little bit of us that thinks “I want a girl to do that with!” and you can’t even deny it!




#4 – Birthdays & Christmases

PRESENTS!!! Partners that also lift understand what you want… Them new Nikes, some sleek gym headphones, that new pre-workout, a new lifting belt, them new wrist wraps! She’ll know you want these cause she’ll want them too!

So say goodbye to all them crappy presents that you don’t want anymore – and hello to shiny new gym gear! Winning!


#5 – A Girl who lifts has an AMAZING BODY

Lets be honest, an amazing body is by far the best part about dating a girl that lifts! Her toned, sleek, aesthetic body! Admit it !!


#6 – Fun Cardio

Who ever said cardio had to be boring? IF you KNOW what I mean 🙂

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