4 Reasons Why Dating a Girl Who Does NOT Lift Will Ruin Your Gains

Eating out, Takeaways, Junk food…

For a girl who isn’t into bodybuilding, fitness or simply doesn’t really care about health-oriented lifestyles, your efforts to eat a healthy diet and track your macros every day will come off as annoying.

If she’s smart enough, she will understand why you do it, but that won’t stop her from trying to talk you into eating her favorite junk food with her on movie night or support you to succumb to your own food temptations.

And if she likes to cook, you’re in big trouble – just try telling her that you don’t want to try the chocolate chip cookies she baked especially for you and see how that goes.


If anything else, you’ll be exposed to foods you’re not supposed to eat a lot more than you would like to. If dieting isn’t hard enough already.

Loss of motivation

This is a rather common scenario – you meet the perfect girl, you think that she’s way out of your league, but somehow you manage to win her over with your blend of great looks ( What Is The Ideal Male Body, According to Females ? ), wit and charm and now she’s totally into you and isn’t going anywhere. Life is bliss.

The only problem is that you two have very different personal goals, values and ideas about life. It’s not that she can’t respect your drive for something she wouldn’t pursue herself, but she won’t be able to really support it or push you to be the best you can be.

Unless you have iron willpower, life will get too comfortable and soon enough you’ll lose your edge and start slacking. And you won’t even care all that much about it because you’ll have your lovely relationship to make it you feel like you’ve accomplished something important in your life. For a while. Consider yourself warned.

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The fights

Don’t fool yourself that it won’t happen this time around. Let’s face it – bodybuilding is a difficult, time-consuming process that costs a lot of money and nerves by itself but when combined with a girlfriend who couldn’t care less about your progress, it becomes living hell.


You can bet that your dedication to your bodybuilding goals will make her feel insecure and unimportant, so prepare yourself for tons of nasty arguments about all the hours you spend at the gym instead of doing things with her, the money you spend on supplements and food and every girl who checks you out at the grocery store.




Women like to be the center of their man’s world, and if you can’t give her the pleasure of being your top priority, she will definitely fight for it. And you know that stress hormones are one of the worst enemies of muscle growth.

Too much cardio

This may not sound as a bad thing, but… ok, it’s actually pretty good.



We’re not saying that every relationship with a girl who doesn’t lift is doomed to fail miserably, but we want you to take a second to think about its effects on your bodybuilding lifestyle.

If it proves to be detrimental to your success from the early beginning, you might want to reconsider your choice. Relationships come and go, but excellent health and a great physique are things that are worth making a sacrifice for.

Have you had a bad experience dating a girl who doesn’t train? Hit the comment section and tell us all about it!

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