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Amazing Weight Loss Transformation – This Guy Lost 300Lbs in 15 Months

Looking for some motivation? Look no further! Check out this man and his amazing weight loss transformation and success story.

At his heaviest weight, Jared Mollenkopf weighed 490 pounds and was extremely unhealthy and unhappy with himself.  Every morning when he woke up, he knew he was bigger than the day before.

His life was fluttering out of control, all because of his weight. He couldn’t move without pain and he couldn’t stop eating all the things he knew were harmful for his body. But instead of doing something about it, he just let it spiral out of control.

But that all changed after he turned 40 and decided to change his life before it was too late. In just 15 months, Jared was able to lose 294 pounds thanks to DDP yoga.

The video below serves as a reminder that anything is possible. Watch the video to see Jared’s amazing weight loss transformation.

The video was uploaded to Diamond Dallas Page’s YouTube channel.

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