Ronnie’s Inspiring Weight Loss Story – an Incredible Loss of 423 lbs (192 kg) in 700 Days

Obesity is undoubtedly one of the most common and widespread issues many Americans are faced with. And all thanks to the junk trans-fat-full unhealthy food, the busy life routine, not having enough time to grant your body with a healthy meal or put it through exercise, in order for the body functions to work properly.

At the same time, when you take in consideration that there are piles of different types of food just around every corner, It’s a very difficult task to avoid overeating. Yes, there are also gyms, but I guess people just choose what is easier and tastes sweeter too.

However, it’s not always only the busy life routine that contributes to weight gain, but unhealthy life habits, such as alcohol, drugs in addition to the eating a lot of junk food. There is always a choice for healthy nutrition and exercise, but I bet many just choose the easier path, which can at the same time easily lead them to their own destruction.

Such is the case with Ronnie, whose unhealthy and unstable life routine brought him to obesity. Eventually he got to a staggering weight of 699 lbs (~317 kg), which later caused him lose his job and leave him unable to leave his house. It was the moment when his doctor told him that if he continues to gain or even maintain his weight he will likely be dead by the age 35, he decided to make changes in his life.

With the love and support of his family and friends, he decided to immediately hire a personal trainer, who developed a well thought exercise plan for him. The plan consisted of easy exercises at first, which helped Ronnie to restore his strength and helped him perform the activities which later followed.

Ronnie Brower got on every news channel after the first year of daily exercise, because he lost a significant amount of weight. Yet, this was not enough for him to call it a victory. He wanted to make sure that he will stay alive and healthy for many years after and proceeded to exercise intensively even throughout the following year.

Overall, for the two years of constant exercising, he has managed to lose an astonishing 426.6 lbs (192 kg). He did it the best way – by consistent work outs combined with some healthy energizing and high protein meals.

According to his Facebook fan page “600 lbs to Success” he has recently undergone an excessive skin removal surgery and is back in the gym for some cardio exercises after a month spent recovering from the surgery. He is hoping to be back to weight lifting shortly too.

Check out the video shared by one of his friends about this incredible man’s weight loss story. I bow to his tenacity and determination in the first place.

Congratulations Ronnie. Hopefully many will follow his example and save their lives before it gets too late.


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