Body Transformation: Jade Socoby’s Powerlifting Journey

Meet Jade Socoby. A few years ago she weighed 320lbs, and today she is dubbed The Powerlifting Pocahontas. What happened? In this article, we’ll guide you through her awe-inspiring transformational story.

First of all, let us say that this is one of the most inspirational stories we’ve stumbled upon this summer. You have to agree that the fact that a terribly overweight, often bullied young girl with shaky self-confidence and zero training experience managed to lose almost 200lbs and build some amazing raw muscle within 3.5 years is mind-blowingly cool.

Jade Socoby began her fitness journey being overweight, anxious and clueless

Jade’s great weight loss journey began in 2013. Prior to that, she remembers being extremely bullied and growing up as an anxious person who’s terrified of people and life in general. On top of that, she was stuck in an unhappy, mentally abusive long-term relationship that pushed her even deeper into the downward spiral of weight gain. She used to eat tons of junk food, drink a lot of alcohol and lay in bed all day without any interest for the outside world. Jade was so terribly ashamed of herself that she tried to avoid going out in public at all costs.

But one day, she got really pissed with her situation and decided it was time to stop feeling sorry for herself. She finally gathered the courage to end her awful relationship and regained control of her life. Her change wasn’t visible on the outside, but every great journey begins with a great mental transformation. At this point, as Jade became aware of the life she’s been leading for years and the suffering her body and mind have been through, she realized that she has to get rid of everything that held her back for so long. And the excess weight was the first thing on her hit list.

Completely clueless but nevertheless determined, Jade went to a local gym with her brother who helped her organize her first workout ever. Even though she felt like dying and ran outside at one point of the workout, she didn’t give up and finished her workout. This was a very big moment for Jade, who didn’t really believe she had the strength to carry out a major life transformation and used to quit at the first obstacle.

Besides having very little support from her friends and family, who all thought she wouldn’t last long, Jade kept coming back to the gym and trying her best to stay strong and motivated. Not really knowing how to set up an effective workout, Jade experimented a lot. She did plenty of cardio, lifted heavy and then did everything in between. At the beginning, her cardio workouts that included running stadium steps and tire flips gave great results, but later on, she found her real passion in powerlifting and ultimately that was the approach that sculpted her body to where it is today.

It’s very important to mention that during her big transformation, Jade never had any trainers or coaches to help her with her training or diet. She made many mistakes and had a lot of dark moments, but kept pushing herself to move forward. At the end, she did it all by herself and she had amazing, almost unbelievable success.

What was the key to Jade’s outstanding weight loss?

The combination of weight training, cardio and a proper diet. As she points out in many of her interviews, you simply can’t outwork a bad diet. Cardio helped her immensely to shed many pounds of excess body fat at the beginning, but only as an addition to weight training, which she quickly grew to love. And here lies the big “secret” of weight loss: there is no better way to burn a great deal of calories than weightlifting. Women shouldn’t be afraid to lift heavy, because the fat loss and strength-building benefits of weightlifting are enormous, and as Jade says, “you won’t get bulky or big unless you want to…trust me, it’s not that easy”.


When it came to dieting, Jade was also pretty clueless. She simply download the application MyFitnessPal and learned things along the way. At first, she counted calories but ate whatever she wanted. Thanks to her strenuous training sessions, she managed to lose a lot of weight with this approach, but then she hit a plateau and had to recognize the importance of nutrition for her fitness goals.

Once she restricted her calorie intake and focused on consuming healthy, whole food, her progress skyrocketed, supported by her steady training advancements.

In addition, Jade never went on any fad diets nor consulted a dietitian to create her optimal diet. She designed her nutrition plan on her own by monitoring the responses of her body and tailoring her nutrient intake to fit her personal goals. According to her, self-control and self-discipline are the most important aspects of healthy dieting. They might be the hardest things to learn, but they are also the most rewarding parts of becoming a healthier, better version of yourself.

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