Annalise Mishler Talks About Anorexia Recovery and Inspires Others

Annalise Mishler had only 3% of the body’s required body fat and was on the verge of death at the end of 2014 due to her anorexia. But four years after being diagnosed with anorexia, doctors revealed that Annalise was actually suffering from ARFID, which stands for Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder that came as a result of a s****l assault that left her experiencing sensory problems that were very present whenever she would eat.

Today the 23-year-old girl weighs close to 110 pounds and eats thousands of calories a day to keep her weight due to her hyperthyroidism.

“The biggest transformation was not the physical but my psychological one. It’s funny when people say happiness is in the defined abs and eating less food. Let me tell you that when I had visible abs and did not eat, I was dying. I was never satisfied with myself in my own eyes, I was never thin enough and satisfied. ” – Annalise says.

With a height of 5’6”, Annalise is still considered an underweight person, and she now, with the help of a special diet, works in increasing her muscle mass, works out regularly and consumes plenty of calories. On Instagram, shes hared her progress, but says she has no photo exactly from the moment when her life hung on a thread, because she could not even dare to shoot.

After getting help, she slowly but surely started to put on weight, sharing her progress on Instagram. She stopped exercising for some time early in her treatment, and began adding more calories to her diet — at one point, she joked, ‘more than a 400 pound man’ eats.

Annalise did not have a monthly cycle for two years, had problems with sleep, suffered from anemia and osteoporosis, had a thyroid deficiency and heart problems.

She ended up in hospital again in the summer of 2016, when her liver almost canceled and was diagnosed with autoimmune liver disease, which meant her body did not absorb fat and nutrients. A month later, she also had heart surgery.

“I’m much happier now. I went through the darkest hell and this is the most difficult mental and physical work I’ve done, but now I’m living again and I’m very happy, ” – Annalise said. Today, she has thousands of Instagram supporters and she is proud of her success.

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