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After 18 Months of Work, Man Recreates KFC Recipe At Home

I bet that you started missing more than just your gym since the lockdown started. Seeing your friends, relatives, going to the movies, the park, eating out… How about your cheat meals with your favorite junk food and a beer in your hand ? Well, if you are a KFC fan you are in luck.

This guy named Dan Fell spent almost a year and a half trying to recreate the KFC recipe and now he says he has perfected it. He says that he worked on many different combinations until he found the right one. So, if it’s KFC you are craving you are lucky, because Dan just shared his recipe on Twitter.

If we judge from the pic Dan posted, that chicken looks delicious.

In the clip he shared (below) he reveals his “secret” recipe, which includes 

– five cups of plain flour,
four tablespoons of paprika,
two tablespoons of white pepper and garlic powder,
one tablespoon of ground ginger,
– mustard powder,
– celery salt and black pepper,
half a tablespoon of oregano and thyme
– and one-third of a tablespoon of sea salt.

According to the recipe you need to mix all the ingredients together (the flour and seasonings), use three parts of the mix to one part of self-raising flour. Give the chicken an egg white and milk wash and then roll it in the seasoning mix. Fry in hot oil (Dan says 162.5C degrees) for five to six minutes. Then put it in a pre-heated oven (80C degrees) for batch cooking and a final 90 second fry before serving.  

Here are some of Dan’s tips:

“wash = egg white & milk
Seasoning: 3 part mix to 1 part self raising
Chicken = room temp for cooking & light salt seasoning
Coating Order: flour, wash, flour
Oil: 162.5. C for 5-6 minutes
Warming oven: 80C whilst you batch cook
Final Fry for 90s before serving”

Although this sounds like a lot of work, Dan says that you should not be discouraged as you will get better and better with every new batch.

Also, he explained that the flavor is dependent on a number of factors, including temperature of chicken, the oil used and even the temperature of the egg wash. However, he says after months of trying, this version has a four-in-five strike rate on the ‘mate you really cannot tell the difference’ scale.


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