Forget the six-pack, the ‘Dad bod’ is coming back in style ???

Carrying a well developed six pack and working out may seem like it’s most popular than ever these days, especially if you take a peek at some of the influencer accounts on Instagram. However, if you can’t build a six-pack, worry no more.

Why? Because the ‘Dad bod’ is back in style, or that’s what the surveys say.

Ok, so what is a “dad bod” anyway ? It is a term that describes the physique of a young (or older) father that let themselves go after the arrival of their child/children. More precisely a “dad bod” is a male body type that is best described as “softly round” or a body shape particular to middle-aged men.

And although it is called a “Dad” body it is generally accepted that any man can have one. 

And when we are at it, there is also a survey done by (surprise, surprise !! ) huge US fitness chain Planet Fitness Inc. saying that the ‘Dad bod’ has never been more popular, with a consensus suggesting that “it exudes more sexiness and confidence now than ever before”.

The nationally representative survey of adults in the United States aged 18 or over suggested that:

  • The ‘Dad bod’ is more attractive (said 65% of those surveyed in 2019 compared to 57% in 2018)
  • Men with a ‘Dad bod’ are sexy (61% v 51%)
  • The ‘Dad bod’ is the new six-pack (51% v 41%)

The men with a “dad bod” also said that

  • They are happier with their body – 79% (2019) vs 64% (2018)
  • They also said that having a soft body has made them more relaxed – 46% (2019) vs 37%(2018)
  • This type of body has improved their life – 72% (2019) vs 62%(2018)
  • Their body has improved their self-esteem (or they worry less about how they look now)
  • Their body has made them more confident in their skin.

The survey was done ahead of “Father’s Day” and it suggests that more and more men are accepting the “Dad bod” today compared to last year (71% vs 63%).

Is this just another proof that the levels of testosterone are going down on a global scale ? Or a proof that the level of laziness is going up ?

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