The Gym Guide Every Newbie Should Read

If there’s something fitness lifestyle beginners fear the most, it might probably be the gym. It’s just a pure jungle for newbies filled with strange contraptions, buffed, lean and athletic men doing somewhat “weird” movements.

If you are one of these beginners… worry not, because with just a few days, enough practice and getting to know the gym, you’d be one with this jungle – effortlessly executing weird yet powerful movements, and yielding heavy metal plates away, no sweat.


  • Learn to Control Your Gym Anxiety


Have you thought of joining a gym three years ago and nothing has happened ever since? Maybe, or… surely, it’s the anxiety that has served as the perfect hindrance to your fitness success. 

Control your anxiety and you will conquer the gym. This is true, especially for beginners who find it hard to blend in, because of what? For one, a not-so-fit body. 

Now, how do we counter this problem? How do you control your anxiety? Is it even possible?

First, yes it is possible and it’s actually simple to solve:

The only thing that you have to do is accept the fact that everybody in your gym was once a beginner. 

Haven’t thought of this? Well, blame your anxiety for shielding you from the truths of the gym life. Here are some other things that you ought to know:

  1. People in the gym will support you through your ups and downs.
  2. People in your gym are struggling with their own set of fitness problems, even when they seem to be already fit enough.
  3. Most of the people in your gym experienced anxiety when they were beginners.
  4. The gym is a good social community.
  1. Learn from the Pros

One thing can guarantee your success in the gym, and that’s the help of the professionals.

Personal gym trainers are your road to “fitness enlightenment.” They can teach you all the ways that can lead to a healthier you. The things that you haven’t figured out? Well, they’ve figured these things out through years of experience dealing with beginners, like you. 

    A personal gym trainer can and will:

  1. Teach you the right form for every exercise.
  2. Teach you what every gym equipment is for.
  3. Teach you what you need to eat to reach your goal.
  4. Teach you what your goal must be.
  5. Teach you how you can improve yourself (even outside the gym).
  1. Eat Right

You should not only lift right, but you should also eat right. Without the proper nutrients that your body needs, you won’t build any measurable muscle. You won’t be able to tone your body if you eat too much. You won’t be able to gain mass if you eat less than what you need to consume. 

Find the right diet for your specific goal. The internet is the best source of free meal plans that will fit your goal no matter what it may be. Now, if you can’t seem to find one, build one! Maybe, you can even share it with others. 

  1. Be Consistent

This is the most important thing of all that you must remember. Continue going for your goal until you reach it and develop the right habits to lead a good life. Don’t stop exercising these habits!

  1. Help Others

Now that you have the knowledge every beginner must have, it’s your turn to help others.

This will not only benefit them, but it will benefit you the most! Why? Because helping others learn will teach you a lot. Teaching others will let you see through their struggles and daily problems. You’ll be able to apply whatever solutions they use to your own set of issues. In addition, you’ll be able to remember techniques, forms and whatnot through teaching others – repeating these pieces of information every now and then to yourself and to those who need to hear them. 

Always Have Fitness as Part of your Long-term Goals

Without a doubt, you have other goals in mind besides achieving a fit and healthy body. However, at times, these goals push people away from their healthy lifestyles. This can be solved by actually incorporating a fitness goal into your other goals. In short, always find time to be fit and healthy. 

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