Kevin Levrone Shows Off His Size Before Stage Day at Mr Olympia 2016

Ever since Kevin Levrone officially announced that he will be returning from retirement to compete at the 2016 Mr. Olympia, he’s been the star of all the media buzz in the sport. As we all know, he’s been training hard for the last couple of months, obviously preparing for a glorious comeback in the world of competitive bodybuilding. And truth be told, he was looking more and more impressive on each new pic or video he posted on social media.

Most recently, right before the most important event in bodybuilding, Levrone posted a full body shirtless pic on Reddit that gives us a glimpse of his current size and definition. Judging from his posts and interviews, the old timer is pretty confident that he will hold up to the current top league of bodybuilders.


Since professional sports are generally very unforgiving to older competitors, we can’t wait to see how Levrone will place in the upcoming competition. Has he already reached his point of no return or perhaps the bodybuilding vet has a few more tricks up his sleeve? It’s obvious that he has the size, but will his definition meet the requirements for a high placement?

Regardless of how you feel about the guy, his efforts to regain his optimal shape are absolutely worthy of respect and we hope he shows us that he hasn’t lost much of his edge even at 52 years of age. Many people doubted that he can still bring what he brought a few decades ago, but keep in mind that Levrone is a tough nut with tons of experience under his belt and some fantastic genetic advantages. And deep inside, we’re pretty sure that all bodybuilding fans would like to see him put on a great show.

And just to prove that Kevin is ready for battle, he did a little posedown with Cedric McMillan during the press conference prior to the competition.


Even without any tan and not yet loaded on carbs, Kevin looked fantastic and proved that he can really hold on with the big dogs and even get into the top 6.


Either way, it looks like we are in store for another electrifying Mr. Olympia this year. What do you think about Levrone’s physique on the eve of the biggest bodybuilding event of the year? Do you think he can hold up to his competition? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below!

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