Is This Treadmill-Bike REALLY a Better Option Than a Regular Bicycle ??

If you are one of those thread mill buffs who like spending in aimless running, this following news might come as refreshment. We present you the Lopfit, the first walking bike in the world, which allows you taking your treadmill out of the gym and into the open air. You can even go cross-country if you wish.


Lopfit is designed as a bicycle-treadmill hybrid, with an  incorporated small electric motor, which is used for propelling the bike forward, allowing you to walk up to four times faster than usually. According to its designers, Lopifit is not only a convenient and eco-friendly way for transport, but also offers you a healthy exercise, as the motor is powered when you start walking the treadmill.

Yet, when you have in mind its price (whopping $2,119) one has to ask if this new invention could replace the old-fashioned bike, or regular hiking for that matter, especially when it comes to its health benefits.

According to Ken Szekretar Jr, this is hardly possible. Working as a certified running and triathlon coach, upon inspecting the Lopifit video he noted that although it offers a quicker way to walk, it probably doesn’t do much when it comes to increasing your heart rate. By the same token, it probably doesn’t help you with burning more calories.

“If you’re a walker looking for a faster way to get around, this is a good option. However, I don’t think it increases caloric expenditure or is necessarily good for those looking to get in a solid workout, “ Szekretar says. “It certainly seems to be an interesting alternative to regular bicycling. So perhaps if you’re not able to cycle for one reason or another – perhaps an injury or disability – this could be beneficial.”


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