The world’s strongest marathon: Fitness fanatic completes 26.2 mile circuit while pulling a 1.4 tonne CAR for 19 hours straight – all for charity

If the thought of a marathon is enough to make you shudder, then spare a thought for this arguably crazy man. Ross Edgley, a 30-year-old fitness fanatic from Cheshire, has just completed what he claims is the World’s Strongest Marathon.

In short, this involved pulling a 1.4 tonne car for the entire 26.2 miles – in the dark, pouring rain and often total agony for nearly an entire day – all to raise money for charity. After a non-stop 19 hours, 36 minutes, 43 seconds – and ‘an unholy amount of harness chafing’ – he successfully completed his epic stunt held at Silverstone’s iconic racetrack.

His aim? To raise as much money as possible for four charities close to his heart after several family members and friends were diagnosed with devastating conditions. But preparation for the mammoth task – a very real case of blood, sweat and tears – began eight months before.

The demands of getting so physically fit meant a gruelling fitness regime was crucial.


At times, Ross – a former international athlete, swimmer and water polo player for Great Britain – was required to train for up to 14 hours a day. And eager to learn from the best, he enlisted the help of sporting heroes including champion strongmen Geoff Capes and Andy Bolton and athlete Linford Christie.

He also shovelled down a staggering 6,000 calories a day on a high fat diet, eating coconut and almond oil by the jar.

But how did the idea for such an insane stunt come about? And is it really the world’s strongest marathon?

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Ross said: ‘Basically in 2015 – after a series of unfortunate events involving some close friends of mine – the monthly charity donations I usually make no longer seemed enough.

‘The charities involved in this stunt – Teenage Cancer Trust, Sports Aid, Children with Cancer and United through Sport – do some truly amazing work and I wanted do something more to give back. ‘My family and friends agreed running a marathon would be good – but running a marathon pulling a car would be better.’

If, he says, he raises enough money and awareness for these charities, he will consider ‘every blister, rope burn and early-morning-ice-cold run not in vain’.


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