This Mr. Universe Claims That Being Vegan Increased his Strength ?!?!

The 2014 Mr.Universe, Barny du Plessis from Great Britain is a vegan, in case you didn’t know. He makes the bold claim that withholding meat from his diet had made him superior to other competitors.

Logically, a great controversy sprung up from these statements and a lot of people started claiming that s******s are what helped him win, not his vegan lifestyle. But, that would mean that other competitors must have used s******s too, with the addition of eating meat.

So, if we assume that Barny was not playing by the rules and his competition had been using them too, the only difference between him and them would be him being a vegan.

If you ask me that’s a lot of muscle mass for being a vegan, but hey if it works for Barny …

Surely, a lot can be discussed about this, but for the whole detailed story, you should check out the video below:

Hmmm… is this another marketing trick ? What do you think ?? In the meantime for everyone that doesn’t believe what Barny says, here is a healthy clean eating plan you can follow in order to build muscle – A Sample Clean Bulk Meal Plan For Building Muscle

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