Woman Lost 198 lbs in 18 Months. What She Changed In Her Diet is Not Rocket Science…

Can you believe that this young woman weighed over 330lbs only two years ago? She used to suffer from an eating disorder which worsened when she became pregnant at the age of 17. By the age of 30, she was so overweight she had difficulties getting up from the couch on her own and walking, accompanied by intense back pain. Cheryl Blythe’s doctor told her she would be dead, or at best confined to a wheelchair by 45 if she didn’t start dropping weight.

After receiving serious warnings about her deteriorating health by many doctors, she finally decided it was time to gain the control over her life again. How? She eliminated all junk food and simple carbs from her diet and began to eat healthy, home cooked food prepared from high quality ingredients that could both satisfy her nutritional needs and boost the melting of excess body fat at the same time!

The result? She lost almost 200lbs over the course of 18 months. And her secret? This easy diet:

Breakfast: two eggs, fresh mushrooms, raw tomatoes and a small piece of bacon.
Lunch: boiled or baked potatoes with chili and a small piece of any kind of meat
Snack: low-fat yogurt or fruits
Dinner: whole-grain spaghetti with tomato sauce and cheese

With the help of this diet, she was able to shed all the unhealthy pounds that weighed her down all those years and once again lead a happy and fulfilled life with her family!

If you’re struggling with weight problems right now, don’t beat yourself up. Cut down on unhealthy fats and sugars and try this simple yet effective diet – it might as well do wonders for you too!

Serious about clean eating ? This is the program for you !!


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