6 Strategies to Get Shredded for Summer

The summer is at the front door. The time to start panicking about your flabby shape has arrived. With the sunny summer months just around the corner, you wont make a mistake if you immediately start preparing for a wonderful summer – your first step should be to hit the gym, of course. No more room for slacking if you’re hoping to inspire a jaw-dropping effect on the beach!  Less clothes has to translate to showing off more ripped muscles, not body fat. You would rather impress than get depressed, right?

Keep in mind that this article is for the determined ones. No magic tricks, no mystery concoctions – watch out what you eat and keep up the hard work on your muscles and you’ll be proudly welcoming the summer days with an award-winning body! Follow these 6 steps to effectively polish up your physique within a single month:

1. Exercise, exercise and some more exercise

Whatever your training of choice, step on the gas and get a good quality sweat every day. Lift weights, do more squats, hit the treadmill, play basketball with your friends on weekends – we don’t care. Just make sure you sweat and feel pain every single day.

We’d love to be able to tell you that there is a magically easy and enjoyable way to get ripped within a week, but unfortunately there is no such thing – sorry guys, you’ll have to earn it. But think of the health benefits and the powerful feelings of confidence and accomplishment you’ll harness!
That being said, try doing more full body workouts that include heavy weights and short rest periods. No matter what you’ve heard about them so far, they’re truly irreplaceable when it comes to both increasing strength and stimulating fat loss.

2. Simply eat less

First of all, losing a significant amount of weight requires some serious calorie counting. You have to know what is your caloric intake on a daily basis in order to calculate how much you’ll need to reduce it, based on your type of training and fat loss goals.

Here’s a quick tip – figure out how many calories per day you need to keep going, and then cut that number by 250. Eating less will push your body to use the fat reserves as a main source of energy.

3. More protein and even more fruits and veggies

Stuff yourself with huge salads everyday. Combine lean chicken breasts with lettuce, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, berries, legumes and nuts – carbs and junk foods should be a thing of the past. Now that you’re serious about getting in amazing shape, you will need more lean protein, vitamins, fibers and a decent amount of healthy fats – say hello to oily fish and avocados.

Fight off the sugar cravings with fruits and minimize cheat meals. Dietary fiber will make you feel full and help you reduce your daily intake of calories, proteins will help you build more muscle and recover faster, and a colorful plate of veggies will provide you with all the vitamins and minerals needed to keep your body functioning properly.

In case you pack more excess body fat than you’d like to admit, make sure you burn more calories than you consume and consider taking fat-burning supplements as well. But never forget – there isn’t a diet on this planet that will give you the results you want if you don’t pair it with hard training!

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