Breakups create bodybuilders: Steve Cook Shares His Shocking Story

Life doesn’t always turn out the way we planned. Sometimes everything just works well and it’s all good, but other times everything can go downhill. The famous fitness model, Mr Olympia competitor and sponsored athlete Steve Cook knows all too well how bad things can get sometimes. This is his story, and is truly an Inspirational one.

Steve got married young and even though he was hoping that he’ll start living a family life, he couldn’t possibly know that his life was going to get turned upside down.

“Working out has changed my life by getting me get through my toughest times. After college My wife and I moved back to our home town. She had gotten a Job as a RN while I had planned on finishing my degree online. Our marriage soon became strained as she was the “bread winner” while I was lost.

I was done with football and for the first time in my life had no identity. My dream of playing in the NFL was gone and I didn’t know who I was without the football player title. On top of it all I didn’t get my degree and had no real intent of ever doing so. I was depressed and lacked motivation, soon my wife told me she wanted a divorce.

It was this all-time low that forced me to look at my life. I hated what I saw and Vowed to change it. The only thing I had was my love for weights and I decided (as I was moving back into my parent’s house) to do a bodybuilding show. It gave me something to look forward to and work at every day. It took my mind off of the divorce by making me focus on the weight.

I had never stopped lifting after I was done with football, but my diet was awful. I started reading up on diets on and started to cook my meals for the first time in my life. I watch tons of videos and read tons of the articles has to offer. I started a bodyspace where I was excited to see others transforming their bodies like I was.

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