145lb MMA Fighter vs. 200lb Bodybuilder (Former Muay Thai Fighter)

Size definitely matters in fighting, there is no doubt about that. A bigger man is more often than not going to be physically stronger as well as be able to deliver and sustain the harder shots. However, skill and technique are still always number one and we see a pretty good example of this in the following video of a featherweight MMA fighter sparring against a much larger, 200lb bodybuilder who also happens to be a fighter.

According to the video description:

This is a guest post from MMAShredded’s Jeff Chan, who is a pro-MMA fighter who, in this video, is sparring Kru Devin Henry, a former pro-Muay Thai and MMA fighter now turned recreational bodybuilder.

Now, usually, an MMA fighter of any size really will have an easy time against a bodybuilder. It is just not the correct or proper physique for fighting and this is due to several reasons.

For one, training for hypertrophy doesn’t necessarily make you strong and, not only that but carrying around a lot of muscle mass can potentially hamper your mobility as well as make you quicker to tire.

The difference between a standard bodybuilder and what we see in this video, however, is that this guy has some skills as well which makes it a little different.

Still, though, the smaller MMA fighter, who probably walks at or around 160-170 pounds I’d reckon, seems to be a little cleaner with his technique and, as previously mentioned, he is going to be less quick to tire as the round goes on due to having less muscle mass.

Check it out in the above video and see who gets the better of whom in this battle between a featherweight MMA fighter and a much larger bodybuilder, you might be surprised with how it turns out.

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