11 Reasons Having Big Muscles is Sometimes a Pain In The A*s

It’s not that being fit is not awesome, honestly, it’s freaking amazing, but there are rare occasions when it can cause a slight degree of frustration. In this article, we present to you the sweet troubles a person may get themselves into when they start getting to some pretty advanced levels of fitness. And if you are one of these people, then you will surely enjoy reading it, nodding and chuckling all the way through. So, why does being fit suck?

You’ll need new pants

If you are a bodybuilder, it’s very likely you have legs that are far larger than those of a regular person. This means that you’ll have to get rid of all the skinny jeans in your closet unless you wanted to see if you can fit your foot in the pant leg. Every bodybuilder wants to show off his hard-earned muscles, but unless you are a woman, wearing tight jeans is simply not an option for you or any guy for that matter. Well-fitting and tapered jeans, that’ll do. But tight, skinny jeans, never. That is unless you want to make a funny scene in your gym and tear them apart when squatting down. Or you don’t plan on having kids.


On a serious note, you probably know what’s we’re talking about. You go to the store to buy yourself a pair of jeans, finally find something you can fit your legs into, only to find out you have a waist larger than you thought, bulging because of the extra fat. Then you go to buy a belt but this is only a short-term solution. On the other side, you shouldn’t buy jeans that are too big either, only to accommodate the future planned leg “expansion” unless you plan on becoming a rapper anytime soon. This is definitely not a good look. You should at least strive to show off some of the hard work in the gym by buying something that’s a bit more fitted. In any case, trying to find a nice pair of jeans off the shelf can prove to be very challenging.


You’ll also need new shirts

As your waist gets slimmer and your shoulders broader, you’ll most definitely want to accentuate the V-shaped torso by buying some nice shirts that will fit well. But that can be really frustrating since finding a shirt that suits your specific body shape can be hard. You can always pick the safe choice and buy a larger size so that your arms won’t turn into sausages or your delts tear the shirt apart. And now that you’ve gone down the safe route and picked an oversized shirt so that it fits the upper body, you look down and are disappointed. You have something akin a maternity top around the waist. You didn’t spend months on end eating clean food, sometimes even starving and busting your a*s off in the gym so that you end up wearing something that hides all that hard work you’ve done. That’s a real bummer. And that’s only t-shirts we are talking about.

You might also be thinking about getting a button down shirt. Well, good luck with that. And you’d better have a good lawyer if you plan on walking around in a fitted button down. You know, just in case you make the accidental wrong move and seriously injury someone with the projectile that will be your flying button. The things that apply with a t-shirt, apply with button down shirts too. You should not limit your movement, and then go and buy something larger to accommodate the volume of your muscles. In that case, again you’re left with excess material covering up the waist, whilst if you have your shirts tailored; you could off your v-shaped torso. Broad shoulders and small waists aren’t apparel-friendly, that is, unless you have an awesome tailor to make clothes fitted just for you, which you should by the way, provided you can afford one.


Bigger collars

Well, you’ve finally managed to find some t-shirts and button downs that look good on you. The size perfectly fits around your torso and hugs it properly everywhere. Then, you started preparing for that wedding you got invited to and tried to button the top button, wear a tie and again you failed miserably. This is a common reality for fit people. Most of the time you won’t be able to button the top button unless you want to strangle yourself. Sometimes big guys can’t even get it even close to the hole. That is one of the main problems with shirts nowadays. They are made for small guys. The pencil necks, if you will. Those who have 15-inch necks know best how frustrating it can be. If you’re able to find a dress shirt in the store, put it on and find the perfect size for you which fits your frame and you can still fit it around the neck; you have really won the jackpot.


So, what do you do now? You pay a lot of money to get yourself a tailored shirt, especially with a collar that fits perfectly, or you buy a custom-made dress shirt which will fit your body measurements. You certainly won’t be able to find this in the store. Almost nothing fits well off the rack on a person with an athletic frame. Forget about the 30$ shirts you can find at the big stores. There’s no way you can buy anything below 100$ if you are both athletic and muscular.


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