225 Bench Competition Bodybuilders Vs. Football Players [Video]

Bench press has always been a way to measure a guy’s strength. “How much do you bench press ?” This is an all-too-common question people are asked if they even look remotely athletic or spend time in the gym. And although a big 1RM on the bench press is impressive, there’s no other test like the 225lbs bench press for reps.

The 225 rep test requires a combination of maximal strength and lactic capacity in the pressing muscles. It requires both explosive strength and endurance in order to squeeze the maximum number of reps.

In the video below Inner Armour Athlete and IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Joel Thomas Faces off against NFL Prospect and Cousin of Odell Beckham, Terron Beckham in a 225 lb bench off competition. Both of them are incredible athletes and did an amazing job. Watch the video :

The simplest way to increase an athlete’s abilities in the 225 test is to increase their maximal strength because of course an athlete who can bench 450 will handle 50% of their max (225 pounds) more easily than an athlete who is benching 350 and must press 64% of their max.

Here is how you can bench press more weight

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