Follow this hardcore shoulder workout routine and get a step further to becoming the next bodybuilding star

You‘ve all heard about the amazing fitness trainer Steve Cook. He is indisputably the most winsome guy in the fitness industry. On the other hand, you are probably also familiar with the most hardcore female in the bodybuilding industry – Ms. Olympia Physique – Dana Linn Bailey. Well, the following video you’re about to see has them both working out together.

It’s actually a video Steve Cook made for his YouTube channel following the intense daily delts-exercise routine of the best female bodybuilder.

Check out Dana’s delts workout routine, accompanied by Steve Cook, who we should thank for this video where he demonstrates how to learn from the best.

It’s around a twenty minute workout routine, through laugh and jokes, changing through several exercises, working on even the tiniest details, while at the same time speaking about the importance of training every existing muscle order to achieve this looks.

They go real hard to get those results!

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