greg plitt tribute

Greg Plitt Tribute That Will Make You Cry

If Greg Plitt has inspired you, if you have watched his videos to get inspired and motivated when you feel down, then this video will definitely make you and the strongest guys out there cry, this is an extremely emotional video of the legend Greg Plitt. He definitely lived life to the fullest.

Greg made his biggest impact with his oft-repeated passionate words that constantly urged people to break through their fears, lead a fitter and hence a fuller life. He often urged people to stop dragging their feet through life in reluctance and lethargy and start living with excitement and energy as he lived so himself, every single day of his living moment.

A physical transformation in the form of a body makeover, hence, only follows a prior much deeper transformation of mind and emotion.


Greg Plitt has fueled the fire of personal transformation for thousands of people, inspiring and motivating them to not only transform their body physically, but also unlocking their mental potential and self confidence to help them build a better life.

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