John Cena’s 8 Rules of The Gym

John Cena has become a legend not only because of his WWE showmanship and antics on the stage but also because his name has become a personification of discipline and dedication to hard and heavy training which enabled him to become the strong beast he is today.

Every successful lifter built his base of strength and size upon a set of rules and ethics, and the same applies to John.

In this article we present you with his eight gym rules that have stood the test of time or the laws of training which should be the cornerstone of everyone that is serious about making a true body transformation.

These rules aren’t fancy or overly scientific, they are quite simple actually, which makes them easy to follow and very effective.

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Eliminate the Smith machine

Some may find this controversial, but Cena likens the Smith machine to a rack only useful to hang your coat on.

He says that not only is it not effective, in the long-term it can create serious muscle imbalances because it restrains your body to move only in certain planes, taking out the stabilizer muscles out of the equation. And that’s not good.

Learn to love the squat

You must have heard this a thousand times before but it bears repeating. Not doing squats is out of the question! It’s the ultimate training absolute.

If you are still reluctant, you better find yourself another sport.

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Fix your weak points

For whatever muscle group you feel needs fixing, incorporate exercises to target that particular muscle group. These weak links can lead to great muscle imbalances and carry a potential risk of injury in the long-term.

For example, if hamstrings are your weak muscle group, incorporate stiff-legged deadlifts or good mornings in your training protocol to strengthen them up.

Take the weights back in their place

This is not your home where you are free to throw things around and not pick them up. There is a gym ethic where you are required to put the weights back after you’ve finished training.

Taking the time to put them back, shows you are an experienced lifter and that you have respect for gym rules and etiquette.

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Getting older will force you to allow yourself more time to recover

When you are young you can train up to 6 days a week, party all night, drink booze, eat junk food and still make gains and recover fast.

However, as you get older you will be forced to lower the number of days you train as well as the intensity. Here’s how to recognize the 5 major symptoms of overtraining and get back to building muscle mass fast.

Don’t be afraid to try out some new exercises, even if you suck at them at first.

Everyone finds it a bit hard and challenging a new training program and some people are so used to it because they’ve been using it for months or years on end.

However, adding new exercises is enough to spice up your training and make it interesting again.

It will take a while until you get a hang of them, but in the end, it will pay off and you will start experiencing new gains.

Do what needs to be done!

Training is hard work and lots of times it ain’t fun. But nobody got strong and big by lifting light weights.

If you want to be a beast you have to do beastly things. However, you have to be smart and progress slowly, have a good training system and set realistic goals. Take it seriously and start smashing the weights.

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No training with music

John says he never listens to music during training. He doesn’t do it when competing for the WWE either. He says it’s the audience’s roar that gives him motivation.

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