Say Goodbye to Your Spotter – This New Bench Could Save Your Life

You know that in order to build strength and muscle you sometimes need to push the absolute limits of your body. Some exercises allow you to safely train to absolute failure without the risk of hurting yourself, but some exercises don’t. The bench press is one of those “unsafe” exercises and at the same time it’s one of those basic exercises that everyone does.

So what happens if you want to really load the bar and there is no spotter around ? You start lifting and before you know it, your chest, shoulders or triceps give in and you find yourself fighting for your life with the bar. Well, not there is a solution and it’s called – Maxx Bench.

The Maxx Bench allows you to complete the hardest final repetitions to make the biggest gains. It allows you to press the limits, and more importantly, press your limits – without ever putting yourself at risk.

Maxx Bench could potentially save your life.

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