Bodybuilder Explains Why Eating These 6 Foods Will Get You Shredded in No Time

We all know that when bodybuilders prepare for competitions, they pick their foods very carefully and their diet is very strict. The goal, of course, is to get as lean as possible while still providing the body with the nutrients needed for functioning. At this time, bodybuilders don’t consume food for its taste, but purely for it’s function.

This bodybuilder, however, has brought his menu to an extreme. He claims he only eats these 6 foods to cut the fat as fast as possible. In the video, bodybuilder Dave Pulcinella explains the difficulty of dealing with family while being on a bodybuilding contest diet. It’s definitely difficult for competitive bodybuilders to stay on a strict diet when all of the other family members are eating burgers.

These are the 6 foods that work if you want to get lean as possible according to Dave Pulcinella.

What’s your opinion on this type of eating. It obviously works for Dave, but a sensible approach such as clean eating or intermittent fasting can work wonders too.

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