Shawn Rhoden is the New Mr. Olympia 2018 !

Boy, what a surprise this was !!! . Shawn “Flexatron” Rhoden is the new Mr. Olympia 2018.  Shawn Rhoden, 43 brought some amazing conditioning to the Olympia stage and emerged as the top and overall best athlete in the men’s open bodybuilding division.

Shawn Rhoden dethroned Phil Heath and was awarded the Eugen Sandow Trophy and the check of $400,000 prize money. After winning the announcement, Rhoden spoke about his journey as tears rolled down his face. The 43-year-old Shawn Rhoden beat Phil Heath in a very close battle to win his 1st Olympia title.

Mr. Olympia 2018 Results & Prize Money

Shawn Rhoden, $400,000
Phil Heath, $150,000
Roelly Winklaar, $100,000 (The first ever People’s Champ, Roelly Winklaar)
William Bonac, $55,000
Brandon Curry, $45,000
Big Ramy / Mamdouh Elssbiay
Dexter Jackson
Nathan De Asha
Cedric McMillan
Steve Kuclo





Mr. Olympia Official Scoreboard


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