Guy Attempts to Squat 855 lbs. And then… This Happens

The squat is the cornerstone of your lower body workout. In fact, the squat is much more than a leg exercise. It’s a full body compound exercise – a real test of your strength and fitness. Do your squats regularly and do them heavy and you can be sure that you’ll start seeing changes in your physique in a matter of months.However, lifting heavy does not mean that you should sacrifice form and risk injury. And that’s exactly what this guy did when he tried to squat 885 lbs.

Make sure that when you attempt a squat (especially when you try to lift gigantic weights and you don’t have a spotter) you are able to pull it off. Otherwise things can get real nasty – just like in the video below. You will see 45 lb plates flying around.

And here is the same video from another angle

That’s why you always need to make sure you are lifting the right weight for you.

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