A 5 Week Program To Build Massive Wheels

Everyone has weak points. For some it might be the triceps, back, calves, what have you. For some, it’s the legs. Not only are the legs part of the foundation of bodybuilding, it’s quite embarrassing to have disproportionate legs in relative to your upper body. If your goal is aesthetics, symmetry is crucial.

In my experience, when you train legs properly, they are normally not a problem for the majority of people. But like everything, there are exceptions, and some people just have bad leg genetics, that require a different approach in order to achieve growth. In this article, you’re going to have a 5 week program in order to bring your legs up, and finally have those quads and hamstrings that get you the respect of a true brother in iron.
Before starting, here are a few important things you need to know:

– This program shouldn’t be used by novices. If you’re a novice and your legs are lacking, simply focus on squatting heavy and frequently.

– This was made with pure bodybuilding purposes in mind. If you’re an athlete, this wasn’t designed for you. You can still use it, you will get stronger and bigger legs, but it wasn’t optimized for your sport, so keep that in perspective.

– This program shouldn’t be used by someone who trains legs once per week. That is probably why your legs aren’t progressing in the first place, increase it to at least 2 times per week before even considering touching this.

– The program might be too harsh for some people, feel free to reduce a few sets if you feel the volume is too much for you to handle.

As mentioned, the program is 5 weeks long. Each week, the reps decrease while the sets increase. The first 3 Weeks are a buildup, the Week 4 it’s an over-reaching phase, and Week 5 is a deload week. Do NOT skip the deload.

The program organized into an upper lower split, like so:

Lower, Upper, Lower, Upper, Lower, Rest, Rest

The 2 upper body sessions will ensure you avoid any strength and muscle loss during this time. You will most likely not have any gains in your upper body, and that’s fine, because we’re going to dedicate this time for your legs, which if you’re reading this, they most likely need it.

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