[Video] Hafthor Bjornsson’s attempt to eat 200 cheeseburgers in 30 minutes

We all know that strongman training is very intense and, as such, the athletes require massive amounts of food to sustain their strength and muscle mass. This is why strongmen usually consume huge amounts of food and calories daily, divided into five, six or even seven meals. Thor Bjornsson, being one of the strongest men on the planet is no exception to this rule. Despite his relatively lean(er) looks, he still eats large amounts of food on a daily basis.

Recently, in a Youtube video, Hafthor tried to demonstrate just how much food he can eat in one sitting. In the video, he makes an attempt to consume as many burgers as possible, in the time frame of 30 minutes. He and his team bought a staggering 200 burgers, before taking them back home to attempt this challenge.

The challenge: Each person has exactly 30 minutes to consume as many cheeseburgers as they can. The winner takes $500 as a reward.

When the eating starts, all men start off strong but gradually slow down as the time passes and they are stuffing ridiculous amounts of food in their faces.

At the end, Thor managed to eat 13 burgers while one of his crew guys manages to swallow 18 cheeseburgers. The rest of the burgers were donated to local shelter and the winner got $500 as promised.

Although they couldn’t eat all two hundred cheeseburgers, they still ate a ridiculous amount of food. I bet they will not be able to eat another burger for a week or so.

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