Watch The Mountain (Europe’s Strongest Man) In A Hardcore Boxing Fight

You probably already know who Hafthor Bjornsson is by now. He’s 27 and he is Europe’s strongest man. He is also known by the role of “The Mountain” in the Game Of Thrones TV series.

But did you know he boxes for fun. In his gym (Jakaból ) in Iceland, they have a small boxing ring and sometimes they try their strength in boxing. Hafthor weights around 420 lbs and he is high 6 ft and 7 inches, and not many people would step in the ring with this mountain of a man. But his friend Skuli Armansson got the courage and decided he wanted to fight Hafthor.

Watch this incredible event below and share it with your friends…… it’s not every day you see guys his size in a boxing fight.

Even though he doesn’t have the coordination of a fighter, you got to admin, even the thought of The Mountain landing a punch on someone’s face looks scary enough.

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