Simple Method for Triggering New Growth and Strength

In everyone’s fitness journey, at some point of time, comes a period where the mass gains, strength gains or performance stops. You may eat right, sleep well, train hard, but your shape just stays the same regardless of what you do.

That phase is called a plateau. Like we mentioned, trainees usually wonder why the plateau happens and can’t point a finger on anything in particular. This situation leaves you wondering if you are maybe overtraining, undertraining, not eating enough, or not getting enough rest.

To help us all break through potential plateaus, Chris Barnard of Strength Camp lets us in on a few simple methods he personally uses to assist him in handling training plateaus.

Don’t get frustrated or discouraged because you have hit a rough patch in your training. Instead take a look at the video, implement the strategies into your training philosophy and watch the gains continue!

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