She Took Incredible Doses of Male Hormones, Here’s What She Looks Like Today

Gabi Garcia is one of the best female fighters in the world. She is a specialist in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a nine times world champion. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of those sports where a small opponent with a good technique can overcome a much bigger and stronger opponent. Well, Gaby has a great technique and definitely has the size and the strength. 

She is even known for beating up male BJJ fighters in the gym. And it’s no wonder, just look at those muscles. She is 6’2” and over 225 lbs.

Wanderlei Silva is a legendary Brazilian mixed martial artist, who was at one time a heavyweight fighter. He brought her in to help coach his team on The Ultimate Fighter, and even did a little sparring with Garcia.

During the sparring she was literally bullying him. He joked about it and said that he let her win because she is a girl, but hey, she is clearly bigger than him so who knows…

Here is Gabi standing next to Wanderlei who is at about 215 lbs in this picture. He does look small next to her, right ?


Is Gabi Garcia using ster0ids maybe ?

Now, in one of his podcasts, Joe Rogan said that “She is clearly using hormones” to be able to get to the muscle size she is, but we’ll let you decide for yourself if she is using ster0ids or not.

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Here is Gabi standing next to a fairly big and muscular guy and a regular female, and she absolutely dwarfs them both.



When she is in good shape Gabi looks really athletic and she can even step on a fitness stage. Whatever she is doing it is clearly working for her and it is boosting her career.


Here is the legendary sparring she did with Wanderlei Silva.

Gabi Garcia’s goal as she says in her own words is – “My dream is to fight well, and don’t get hurt, so I can fight all the time.”

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