The Real Life Chun-Li : Yuan Herong Super-Fit Chinese Bodybuilder Doctor Says “My Workouts Are Just a Hobby”

“I just take it as a hobby to exercise naturally without medication,” says the 31-yeard-old real life “Chun Li”  Yuan Herong, who has shaken up the social media with her jaw-dropping muscled body. What took everyone by a big surprise, is that she is actually a professional Chinese TCM doctor in the city of Qingdao and not a professional bodybuilder.

Yuan Herong doesn’t deny the fact that she used to be part of a few bodybuilding competitions earlier, however, she won’t continue doing that professionally. After she started posting pictures on Instagram of her strong physique, people started calling her “Chun-Li”, (a character from the famous video-game franchise –“Street Fighter”).

She started her intense workout routine about two years ago when she decided that she wants to look stronger and bigger. She exercises up to five times a week with a personal trainer Zhang Wei, so she can keep up the good shape and maintain her muscular strength.

Yuan Herong started studying medicine so she can continue her family tradition since both of her parents are doctors. Although she wasn’t really into traditional Chinese medicine, she decided to stick up with this profession, because her parents advised her that this career will bring her financial stability throughout her life.

Yuan Herong Doctor

However this was more her parents’ dream, she was more interested in martial arts, especially Kung Fu. She doubted about quitting the studies, but her parents impelled her in staying and choosing a career path that could bring a lot of benefits in her professional and personal life.

That’s why she decided to hit up the gym very quickly after she finished school and became a doctor. Herong started with yoga and pilates but she wasn’t satisfied with the results given that this type of workouts didn’t help her grow muscles. Therefore she decided to hire a private instructor to help her achieve her body goals.

Although the training became more intense and challenging for her, she didn’t give up. Watching her muscles grow helped her stay motivated. Keeping that mood, she soon started working as a model on the side and took a second place at the women’s Class A Chinese Bodybuilding Association.

Yuan Herong fit

Her controversial appearance brought her big attention, but not always in a positive manner. She was criticized for her masculine body, still, she kept pushing the boundaries and disproving traditional notions of “natural” femininity. She decided not to listen and not to care what other people say since she is a fitness fanatic and nothing will stop her from making her self happy and pleased with how she looks like and feels like. Her husband also supports her in what she is doing without caring what others think of her.

Yuan Herong as Chun Li

However, Yuan Herong is still working on pursuing her martial arts dreams. She claims that after she makes some money, she will hire a master who can teach her martial arts and help her achieve one of her biggest goals in life.


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