10 of the Worst Foods You Could Ever Put Into Your Body

Let’s face it, when it comes to being healthy and fit, our diets play a huge role in determining just how healthy and fit we actually are. People say that “you are what you eat” and when you stop and think about this for a moment, it actually makes perfect sense. Take junk food for instance. Food packed full of saturated fat, salt, sugar, and other artificial ingredients, flavorings and preservatives.

If you eat these foods regularly, you gain weight, you become spotty, your skin becomes pale and greasy, you feel tired, lethargic and lazy, and your immune system even suffers, you essentially feel like garbage or junk. Yes, watching what we eat is vital when it comes to maintaining great health, yet many of us simply aren’t eating enough of the right foods, and way too much of the wrong foods. Here’s a list of the 10 worst foods you could ever put into your body, and why you should avoid them in the future.

Soda – Technically not a food, but even so, soda has to be included on the list, due to the fact that it contains no nutritional value in the slightest, and it contains a scary amount of sugar, which can cause weight gain and other serious health problems, including diabetes.

Processed meats – Any food which has been processed, or contains the word ‘processed’ in the title should be avoided like the plague. Processed meats contain all of the worst parts of an animal, the eyes, the ears, the innards, the fat, the gristle, and the cheaper cuts of meat, where it is all then ground together in a special machine, usually combined with other artificial flavorings and preservatives, where it’s then shaped into neat little wafer thin slices thanks to a special machine. Processed meats such as hotdogs, ham, turkey, or chicken slices should be given an extremely wide berth.

processed meats

Frozen pizza – If you were to make pizza yourself, using a homemade wholemeal dough and homemade tomato sauce perhaps, then it would actually be pretty healthy, especially if you topped it with a small amount of low-fat cheese and plenty of vegetables. Frozen pizza from the stores however, is a different matter altogether. The dough is packed full of white flour which is bad for the stomach, salt, and fake preservatives. The tomato sauce also contains more artificial preservatives and sugar, and the cheese is usually high in saturated fat or sometimes even processed.


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