16 Delicious Protein Shake Recipes

One of the key moments in bodybuilding is proper nutrition. In order to achieve good results, it is necessary to consume a certain amount of protein on a daily basis. The first thing that comes to mind is grilled steak and chicken breasts. However, with the preparation of meat the process is slow and labor demanding. In addition, the meat takes a long time to digest, and the process of digestion robs the body of a lot of energy. Also a thick meal won’t provide you with an immediate energy kick before you hit your workout.

The alternative is to consume high protein shakes that include different types of proteins. Each kind will serve a specific role: building muscle mass, muscle recovery etc. Initially concentrated protein was not very digestible, but at the moment the situation is more favorable, and the market offers a variety of tasty, high digestible protein powders.

There are still some downsides when using protein powders, however.  The powder can not be compared to the ingredients of a real diet. Protein powder diluted in water is not as pleasant as consuming real foods. In this article, you will learn 16 protein shake recipes that include natural products which are easily available at home.

Let’s take a look at the most favorable times for using a high protein shake or an energy cocktail.

In the morning

In the morning the glycogen in the liver is depleted, because the body didn’t receive food for a longer period of time during the night. There is nothing wrong with that, as energy expenditure is low while you sleep. On the other hand, the active actions after waking up, coupled with the lack of glycogen could trigger the secretion of catabolic hormones, that are not helping the muscle building process. To kick-start the muscle building process, you can drink a protein shake after waking up. Make sure to add some fructose to the protein shake in the morning (contained in fruits and especially honey). Unlike glucose, which enters the muscle immediately and is used for energy, fructose is sent to the liver where it is converted into glycogen first.

Pre workout

Eating before training has a role to provide the body with nutrients that help muscle growth and supply the muscles with energy. An ideal ratio would be 1:2 – protein/carbohydrates. Or 20 g of protein and 40g of “slow” carbs will be sufficient to fuel up the workout. In this case, the usual meals won’t help. Firstly, it’s a little bit hard to workout with a full stomach, and secondly, natural food takes a long time to digest and provide you with energy. In this situation, it will be convenient to resort to protein shakes containing whey protein. While choosing carbohydrates, you should, again, focus on fructose. Fructose slowly releases energy and does not cause a spike of insulin like glucose does.

Post workout

After a workout, you need to do two things – give your muscles some protein for recovery and restore the wasted glycogen. Of course, using a protein shake is more suitable as ordinary food takes a long time to digest ( you can take food some time after the protein shake). It is generally recommended to use a whey protein shake (40 g of protein), and fast carbs, at least 40-50 grams (candy, sweet rolls).

Between meals

In order to build muscle, bodybuilders usually eat large amounts of food. Because they can’t eat all that food in 3¬†regular meals, they usually eat 4,5,6 or more meals a day. This strategy is very hard to implement unless you are not on a vacation. Protein shakes can solve this problem, especially if you add fruit and honey in the mix. Thus, it is possible to transform a boring procedure of protein recharge into pleasure. It turns out tasty and nutritious. The basis here can be casein, whey protein or mixture between the two.

Before sleep

During a night’s sleep the muscles are not getting protein for 8-9 hours, so they should be properly prepared. The usual food to fill the stomach is not worth it, because when you fall asleep, solid foods are digested slowly. And again, right there you can use a protein shake. In this case, it is necessary to prepare a shake containing only casein. Carbohydrate intake is allowed (although not needed), but in a minimal amount. During sleep, the muscles do not need extra energy, so the extra carbohydrates will be stored as fat.

Before proceeding with the protein shake recipes, it should be noted that the preparation of high-grade homemade protein shakes takes a bit longer than just adding protein powder to water, but it’s definitely worth it.


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