3 Muscle Recovery Supplements You Should Take Before You go to Sleep

When we think of recovery, we often think of sleep. But we often forget that the recovery process requires fuel – we are talking about carbohydrates in the form of stored glycogen in the liver, fat, which is stored in our fat cells and, of course, amino acids which repair the damaged muscle fibers. What can we take before bedtime for recovery and fat loss ?

These 3 muscle recovery supplements that can be taken before sleep, will help your muscles recover faster, they will prevent muscle wasting, and at the same time enhance the fat burning process.


Besides the fact that it is an essential macro-nutrient for building muscle, protein will help you burn more fat. Compared to carbs and fat, protein requires more energy to digest. Every time you eat high protein foods, you burn calories. In 2009, researchers published the information in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that men and women adhere to a diet high in protein (25% of total calories obtained from protein). It was also agreed that all of the protein was casein. Subjects reported that there was less hunger during the day, and tests confirm that they burned more calories, especially at night, than the lower protein content (10% of calories from protein).

Read more about why you should include casein to your diet here.


Consume 30-40g of micellar casein about a hour before you go to bed. Casein is digested slowly and it will keep your body in an anabolic state for the night. A good idea would be to add about 20g of casein in the meal you eat about 2-3 hours before workout.

muscle recovery supplements - casein

Conjugated linoleic acid

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a representative group of healthy natural fats, which help burn fat and stimulate muscle growth. This natural compound is related to omega-6 fatty acids and can be found in dairy products, eggs, milk, lamb, and beef. It cannot be produced by the body, so it must be obtained from food or dietary supplements.

Studies have shown that CLA not only helps you drop fat, by reducing the amount of fat stored in your fat cells, but it also boosts your metabolism. This will not only help you to burn fat, but also help in prevention of muscle wasting.

Dosage: Consume 2-3 grams of CLA before bed, with your pre-sleep protein shake. Also take another 2-3 grams when you wake up.

You won’t see fast results from CLA like you do with other supplements, but stay consistent and in a few months you should notice the changes.



Gamma-aminobutyric acid  (GABA)

Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is an amino acid, and the brain’s major inhibitory neurotransmitter, which means that it takes part in the transmission of nerve impulses. This means that this amino acid slows down the central nervous system and relaxes you. It’s one of the reasons why you should definitely take GABA at night – to improve your sleep and recovery. Another reason to take GABA is the following: according to some studies, it increases the release of growth hormone in the blood (GH). Large doses of GH, while you sleep, not only speed up muscle recovery and muscle growth, but also promotes fat loss.

Dossage: Take 3-5 grams of GABA before you go to bed.

Taking this simple combination of muscle recovery supplements, can really make a difference in muscle recovery and fat loss. But remember that supplements won’t work by themselves. A good, balanced diet and sufficient rest in combination with smart training, are the essentials for muscle recovery and growth.

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