3 Great Protein Sources You NEED To Know More About

Protein is possibly the single most important nutrient when it comes to building muscle mass. While carbs are essential for providing you with the energy needed for working out, the protein is the number one building material for your muscles. Of course, both carbs and fats have an important position in the muscle building diet, but you won’t get far without the protein.

In the muscle building game, it surely hold a supremacy. However, not all proteins are equal, and you should take great care when choosing the right protein source. The protein packed food sources can have their benefits and disadvantages.


Tree nuts, like almonds and walnuts, can make a great source of protein, and are always welcomed in your diet. Nuts come with very few disadvantages, and probably the greatest concern is the number of calories they pack along with the proteins. Although innocently looking, the number of calories contained in a moderate serving of almonds is equal to consuming one protein bar, and can even match the number of calories contained in red meat. Because of that you should be careful when adding nuts to your diet. They should be introduced as a replacement of some protein sources, but can be damaging to your weight when consumed in excess.


Peanut butter is another food source that can provide your body with the much needed protein, and it also stimulates your testosterone production. However, it too comes with several disadvantages. One of them is that the protein contained in peanut butter, especially in the commercial brands, is not enough to cover your requirements. The commercial brands also pack a lot of fat, and this can be devastating for weight control. However, if you stick to the natural brands, and consume it with moderation, it can provide you with just what you need to build up those muscles.


You might have not known, but moose meat is one of the best protein sources on the meat market.  This is not due to their greater protein content compared to other meats like beef, but to the fact that moose meat contains significantly less fat then the other counterparts, which allows you to precisely consume amounts of protein without the added calories from fat. On the plus side, many connoisseurs claim that moose meat is also packed with flavors.  That, in combination with its leanness and high protein content, makes moose meat hard to resist.

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