Study: How Much Protein Do You Need?

According to a new study, the amount and quality of protein you eat are not the only things that are important. It’s also important when you eat them.

Of course, we all know that protein is crucial component in building muscle mass, and if you want to stay lean and sharp, you should consume it on daily basis. However, according to a new Canadian study, you might still be not getting enough proteins, if your daily intake is at the low end of the recommended daily allowance of 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. According to this RDA, a 180 pound guy should consume 66 grams of protein daily. Even if we increase this number to 1 gram per kilogram, it would amount only to 82 grams of protein daily.

However, according to the study, this is not enough. The research showed that diets high on protein are very efficient in losing weight, with the best results recorded on a 25% protein diet. It further suggests that we should consume 25 to 35 grams of protein at each meal or about 80 to 110 grams daily.

Another interesting finding of this study is that the amount is not the only factor that matters. It’s also important when you consume the protein. When the protein intake is stretched during the day, your muscles can synthesise the protein over a 24-hour period. Consequently, they never stop maintaining themselves. In other words, if you want to rip the full benefits of your protein diet, it’s time to include protein food for breakfast, no matter how much you want to eat for dinner. And according to the study, most of us tend to eat their protein for dinner.

You don’t always have to go for meat as your protein source. Hemp seeds, edamame, plain Greek yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Quinoa, ricotta cheese, shrimp, eggs, lentil, are all fantastic protein sources. And remember that if you want to start losing weight and putting on some lean muscles, you’ll need more than 110 grams of protein each day.

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